Friday, June 29, 2012

Do Not Use

I've had my share of issues since I bought my domain from them, and I've had my fair share of domains and hosts in my many years on the web, but they are starting to take the cake on annoying their customers.

First, it was an absolute pain to change my DNS. Then adding CNAMEs and such was no walk in the park. Now, I'm getting a host and transferring my domain... Something they certainly don't enjoy by the look of it.

There are five screens (including one promo code for a cheaper domain renewal) before I get this:
Authorization Code 

Your request for an Auth Code has been received and your information will be validated for security reasons. 

If your request is approved, you will receive your Auth Code by email in 4-5 days. 

To cancel this request, please call one of our Customer Service Representatives at 1.877.318.7563. 

Thank you. 
The fuck? I pay you and now you expect me to wait for a business week because you obviously want to piss off your customers that much more... This is not what an online company should do if they expect return business or referrals.

Asking someone online to wait for more than 24 hours is insane. The internet is all about NOW and not later. Making people wait in this generation of impatient people will drive them away in herds.

No wonder I only hear bad things about

Am I Doing Too Much?

Been thinking lately about this one. I have a number of things I have to do in a day, week, month, etc. Currently on my plate:
  • Reviews over here. (& posting. {& promoting})
  • Crafts and shopping for cool vintage-ness anywhere I go for our shop.
  • Raising four kittens. (& willing to foster if needed!)
  • Being a weather spotter, though right now that's only heat related.
  • Going to a Wiknic this weekend.
  • Finding an awesome RV so we can start full-timing ASAP.
  • Taking care of kids, but I don't think that counts in this list since it's a "have-to" sort of thing.
..I'm suddenly super glad I don't cook!

I think this has a lot to do with why I'm not moderating on websites any longer. I completely let people down over on Chicken Smoothie and I hate that I did that. (The admin made me cry more than once for failing to be around when I simply couldn't due to family {like having a child} or 'net going down.) I guess being away four times in four years because I've had children is just too much. I don't know, I really didn't get much respect over there anyway and it was highly stressful.

It never fails though, my daily life is always a long list of things I have to do day in and day out. Maybe I like it being hectic? Probably. It's all I've ever known and watched my grandmother do it her entire life.

Doesn't really seem like you're living if you're just sitting there, does it? I feel like I have to do something or I'm failing and not doing enough. Maybe that does set me up to fail and have high stress levels, but what doesn't?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Picket Fence Blogs Reset!

Just wanted to remind everyone that Picket Fence Blogs reset on June 28th, so every vote you give to any blog can make a huge difference right now! Remember to vote for everyone that you enjoy visiting, even if it isn't us!

Trying to Build a Fanbase? Check This Out.

I've been working lately to get more people over here on the site, so I figured I would post my tips for doing so for other up-and-coming bloggers. (Though I've been blogging for fourteen years... Lol, I'm not old!)

Use Facebook as a Page
Seems simple, right? All you have to do is create a page (via pull down in top right hand corner on your name on Facebook) and it's all done... Wrong. Besides making the page, adding a profile image and background, you then need content. Either you can post every blog post on your site to your Facebook manually or you can have another program do that part for you--more on that later--but you then have to keep your fanbase engaged or you'll lose them. No, they probably aren't going to unlike your page, but they will probably be missing your page posts because of Facebook's new-fangled thing-a-ma-bob for crappy news feeds.

Use Twitter!
Whether you use your personal Twitter account or make one specifically for your blog--which I would suggest anyway so no one makes it to pick at your brand--you need one. It's pretty easy to talk on there because the character limit, but you have to be witty either with your non-post tweets or in your titles. You can do the manual way of adding each link or you can have a program do it for you.

Get a Good Program to Post Your Feed to Facebook & Twitter
What happens if you're away? Do you have automatic posts set up on your blog? Does your internet suck? Your computer die? What happens when you can't manually add those scheduled posts because you've slept in? That's where sites like TwitterFeed come in handy. I can't possibly add every post manually--I've tried!--with everything I have to get done everyday. I'm bound to forget something, but this site takes everything from my RSS feed and posts it to my personal & blog Twitter accounts, then the Facebook page, and even my LinkedIn account. I'd never post anything to LinkedIn if it weren't for this, but I get people visiting from those posts! It really does help when you're in a bind.

Know other bloggers? Don't know any other bloggers? Either one is okay. If you know others, let them know that you've got your own site and would like to try and do things with them. If they're a bigger site, it's going to help you with getting your name out and it's going to help them by free advertising on your site. It's a win-win situation. Even if you don't know any other bloggers, there are plenty of us out there! Most of them are really cool people and more than willing to help if they have the time. Just don't get discouraged if one person blows you off because they may be having a bad day. There are plenty of other fish in the sea!

Talk to Companies You Really Enjoy, Not Just Ones that Pay
Yeah, it's not as awesome getting a rejection email from a company you actually like or, sometimes even worse, not getting a response. You can sign up for a billion and one promo things and not enjoy them for any other reason than they are giving you something for free and/or paying you. But what you really need is to target products that you enjoy using and think you or your family may actually use. I try to steer clear of products that are targeting everyone and I don't like anyway... So what if I'm making money if I have to lie to my readers?

Can you think of anything else? Sort of ran out of stuff to say at this point. I know I had planned to write more, but maybe I'll do a "part 2" in the future. ;)

Walmart Shopping ProTip

When I was getting milk today at Walmart, the checkout lady stopped and told me that if I ever brought in an ad from Save-A-Lot that has their store brand marked lower than Walmart's store brand, they'd match the price.

So, a gallon of $1.99 whole milk... Because as long as the ad says the milk is on sale but isn't specific, Walmart has to match the lowest price.

Coupons Now!

$1.10 off when you buy any TWO 6-packs of Mott's® Single Serve Applesauce or Medleys Snack$1.10 off when you buy any TWO 6-packs of Mott's® Single Serve Applesauce or Medleys Snack
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Working on the Site

When the internet works tonight, I'm working on the blog. Changing a few things--like my name--and making it a little bit nicer to be on altogether.

I'm changing my name from my online nickname to a nick that's actually something one can pronounce and shout in anger if I for some reason happen to anger you in the near future. I came to realize a few months ago that "tlws" doesn't really cut it as an online alias, though I don't really need an alias as much as I just need a better real name!

Ads on the sidebars are GONE. Cleaned them up too. It was just too cluttered and it looked horrible.

Looking around for a good web design individual/company to make something specifically for Sumner Six. We need it, for real. I like this theme and all, but that's because it's free and it works for me. The more I see other people using it makes me feel uneasy. I need something unique! But money is an issue and I just do not have a couple hundred dollars to throw down on something like that. Sucks, but truth.

Doing a lot more reviews. Doing more giveaways. Working with other blogs. Trying to get the name out. Getting anywhere yet?

I've been working my ass off the past few days and I'm not gonna lie--it sucks. Every time I do something like this online and I get to figuring it out and doing well, I get flustered and let it flail about and die. I can't do that here. I've been blogging since I was twelve and a half and I don't just want to toss one more thing out the door because of my fears. I need to suck it up and deal with it.

PS - Apparently "suck" is my word for today. Word.

Remember how I said...

..That I wouldn't ask you for votes? Well, under normal circumstances I wouldn't.

I'd really like to be in the top 25 on this. I need it, and I'm not lying. My Google Pagerank sucks. There aren't enough decent links coming in. I'm needing affilates and things like this to get the site out. Doing giveaways (like I have been) is nice and all, but that's not what I'm all about. I want to help you save money!

Sure, getting things to give to my readers for free is great, but I want to do so much more. I'd love to start doing my shopping and deals posts again, but I haven't been able to do that so much since my husband hadn't been working. Now that he is, I can start that back up--and I can't wait!

So, yeah, while I said I wouldn't ask for something like this I totally am for Circle of Moms. I think their little badge is cute as all Hell and I want one over there on the sidebar.

...Wanna help me?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lots of New Followers!

Facebook - 530
Twitter - 444
Facebook has come leaps and bounds in the past few weeks. Before then, I was afraid to promote the site any more than letting it automatically get posts from the RSS feed. Now, I've even *gasp* invited a few of my real life friends to check it out.

I'm always shy when it comes to showing real people what I do online. Of course, I know all of you are real people but I mean people that can talk to my face and tell me how much they think I suck. :/ I've always been afraid of rejection, but never when it came to asking guys out. Huh. Never thought about it until I typed that, really. Strange.?

Twitter is all kinds of filling up because I worked really hard last night to try to catch up to the number of fans I have on Facebook.

And these are just the numbers on the accounts for the website. I'm not counting my personal page or account that I also post on, just because I don't count them even though I know some places do.

In any case, if you're one of the many new fans or followers--thank you. Without you, we don't have the ability to get new products to test and offer you for free or discounted prices. Without you, I wouldn't bother posting great deals and coupons and other links so you can share in the awesome things that I get all the time for just searching on the web. (And, as a bonus, I'm saving you a lot of time by finding and explaining it to you in most cases.) So, enjoy!

PS - I attempted to put too many labels on this post and broke Blogger. Lol.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

$1 Customized Photo Tote!

My Weekend Forecast

I think this means we're going to melt...

Seriously? Not cool, not cool at all. (Seriously.)

I've even heard something about a high of 108 nearby, and we're not talking heat indexes here. This is real high temperatures.

On top of that, I don't recall the last time it really rained. We're in a drought and it's getting pretty bad. The grass is dry and dead and the ground is starting to crack open. It's super dusty if there's any wind. Sound familiar?

DreamHost Web Hosting: Great Price Plus Special Coupon Code!

Ever heard of Dreamhost? I've been using them off and on since 2008. They're one of the best hosting services I've used in the past 14 years I've been online. (Omg, over half my life!) Even when we had some issues with them a few years ago, they very quickly credited our account for two months worth of service for our troubles. I've had problems with other places, but no one has ever treated me as well as them for mistakes.

For as little as $8.95 USD per month, you can get a free domain and unlimited storage on a shared plan. (It doesn't mean you share your account with anyone, it just means you share the resources with other users in the same plan. AKA you're all using the same computer.)

On top of that, I've got a promo code especially for my readers! If you use the promo code SUMNERSIX at checkout, you'll get another free domain as well as $5 off a year payment and $10 off a two-year. Two free domains, at a normal price of $9.95 each, and $5 off per year... Think that's a good enough deal?

If you do, please check it out. They really do have awesome service and always let people know when they have maintenance and, thus, downtime. I've been to places that rarely reply to service tickets, but DreamHost does!

iPod Touch Giveaway!

Am I the only person that doesn't have one of these? Even if you have one, I'm sure your kids want one too--at least that's how it is with all electronics with our children.

This adorable online casino is hosting a Rafflecopter giveaway for one! I say adorable, because the dragons at the top of their site look so cute! The giveaway is being hosted by 777 Dragon Casino, so don't forget to drop by and look at their site after signing up for the giveaway below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, June 25, 2012

Week 1 of Win This Bag: Fendi Spy Bag!

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This week’s prize:

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Current Giveaways!

Please let me state something and make it very clear:
If you sign up for one of my giveaways and lie, your entries will be removed.
There have been several people signing up and saying they've liked or saying they've tweeted when they haven't done a thing. Do not think for one instant that I don't check that. I do check and I will continue to do so, so stop cheating already.

If you're winning things on other sites, then you are a horrible person that is stealing from not only the host of the giveaway and the company willing to so graciously give the product away for free, but also all the people that took the time to sign up properly.

How can you people sleep at night?
Karma's a bitch and I hope you never win a thing.

So, knowing that, here are the current giveaways on the site!

As for all of my super-fantastic-all-around-awesome fans that are good people, I just want you to know that your entries count! I won't let these cheaters try to cheat you (hehe) out of any prizes that they want for nothing when you do the entries properly! I just can't stand people doing that, can you?

*Since I am not hosting this, I can't be sure that cheaters aren't on there. I'm sure there are with so many entries, but I'm hoping karma will prove true and keep any of those individuals from winning!

Pampers Most Valuable Dad Celebration Giveaway!

Days with your little athlete are nothing short of fastballs, curveballs and changeups. That’s why we’re taking the next 10 days to honor all the wonderful coaches out there with our “Most Valuable Dad” Celebration! For the active roles they play in parenting and for all the ways they enrich the lives of babies, this celebration is all about DAD!
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Click the image at the top or here to enter now!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

PetSmart 25th Anniversary Sweeps & Instant Win Game!

You can win free products and coupons on a daily basis right now. Go sign up and win!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Free LGBTs for Obama/Biden Bumper Sticker!

Free Sample of U by Kotex Plus Clutch!

Just make an inspiration board and share it to get your free sample and clutch, while supplies last. Hurry up and get yours!

Colors of Summer Giveaway! Get A Free Pen!

BIC is having a contest on their Facebook page. You can keep trying every hour if you don't win at first. It's taken me some time but I just won one!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Awesome Craft Project: Soft Ball!

I need this.

As soon as I find enough extra material laying about (probably from old clothes!) I'll be making some of these babies! Can't just make one, as the kids like to have everything color coded.

Are my kids the only ones like that? They've always had certain colors they like and stick to.

Kalli originally liked red and now pink.
Izy has always liked purple and green.
Double D likes green and grey.
Sebby gets blues as he is too little to pick a color. ;)

I tend to color code everything based on this, especially with schedules. It makes everything easier!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day Pampers GTG Reward Code!

10 point code

Haven't Done Coupons in a While Again...

So here are a bunch of them!

Computer Troubles

Still having issues with the last in a long line of laptops here. I've been having to use the phone more and more to get by, including on here. So, if something doesn't quite look right, please let me know because I probably just added it with my phone and it's a little screwy looking on my end no matter what. Thanks!


Friday, June 15, 2012

I'm Starting Not to Enjoy Fridays... :(

There's been a tomcat running around here for some time. A few weeks ago we saw him out during the day which was very strange. I managed to find him later that night and discovered why--he'd been attacked by a dog.

I managed to catch him for the night and fed and watered him. Got one picture and posted it on a local Facebook page for people to post lost and found pets. The poor boy was in pain, but all things compared he was relatively sweet.

He got loose the next day and I really hoped that he would be going back to his home, which at that time we believed was the neighbors house. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Until two days ago, I thought he was dead. It made me sad, to think that if he hadn't gotten away from me I maybe could have done more to help him. That's when he reappeared around the house again.

Wednesday, I found him in the cornfield but I could not catch him. There was another tomcat (that is the neighbor's cat) attacking him. I scared it off before it hurt him, but he hobbled off.

If nothing else, he seemed to be doing better than before. He was applying pressure to his back leg that had bite wounds the last time I had seen him. He was still limping pretty badly, but it wasn't hanging limp like before. It gave me hope that he would survive.

I found him in the van yesterday. He had jumped in on his own and I spent a lot of time talking to him and getting him to come to me on his own before I put him in a carrier and gave him food and water. He was a sweetie, purring and nuzzling me. He'd talk if spoken to. His leg was muddy, but he cleaned it off and the top of his toes that he had been walking/dragging was raw and down to tendons. It looked bad and I knew he needed help.

We finally got to leave this afternoon and headed to the humane society down the road. I was hoping he was micro-chipped, but he was not. There were no pets that fit his description lost. They took him to the back and came back to tell me he was very sick and would have to be put down.

It was devastating.

Sure, it wasn't my cat, but have you ever lost a beloved pet? The mere thought of him belonging to someone out there that loved him and lost him hurts.

I didn't want him to be alone. They told me he was already in isolation and had to be kept away from other cats and, since I had been around him, I couldn't be let through the room because I could infect the other animals.

Yes, it sucks. He was suffering, I know, but I wanted to know if there was anything I could do. Would a vet be able to help him more? Possibly, but he would probably not survive his wound or the severe upper respiratory infection he had, and they would probably advise putting him down as well.

I cried. Sure, it's not my cat and I told them that, but I've lost a cat before and if anything had happened to him like that I wouldn't want him to be taken to a shelter and put down. But, what if there wasn't any other choice? Would you ever find them?

I keep thinking it's some sort of double standard. If I rushed a homeless person I didn't know that was injuries to the ER, they'd help him until they couldn't help him anymore. He could be someone's loved one, but you wouldn't know if he never woke up and was able to say.

This is why people carry identification and pets shouldn't just wear collars that can be lost, but be micro-chipped as well! They don't have the ability to tell someone, "Hey, I'm lost and my owner is John Doe and lives in Smallville. Can you tell him where I am?" like people do.

Surely, a lot of my problem is that it's been one week since Rose was hit. I didn't realize that until after we got home. I just wanted to help him and wasn't thinking about much else. They told me I did the right thing, but I just wish it had a better outcome.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Politicians; Am I Right?

Kitten Glop Recipe

Since Rose passed away, we've been pretty busy taking care of her four kittens. There were a lot of problems and all weekend we thought only one may pull through.

Now though, they are all eating on their own and doing wonderfully! It was a learning experience though, as everything from freezing to overheating and dehydration and low blood sugar were all issues we faced.

Because of this, I spent a lot of time online researching and figuring out what they needed to eat to get them healthy. I tried a lot of different things and recipes, but this is what I came up with that worked.

• 1 cup whole goats milk
• 1 cup of unflavored pedialyte
• 1 packet of Knox unflavored gelatine
• 1 Beechnut stage 1 homestyle meat (beef, chicken, or turkey) baby food
• 1 egg yolk (no whites!)
• 2 teaspoons of light Kyro syrup
• 2 teaspoons of real mayonnaise
• 2 teaspoons of plain yogurt (not nonfat)

Mix everything together in a bowl. If you don't want to spend the time heating the pedialyte and milk for the gelatin, I've never had an issue with it solidifying.

Do be sure it's mixed incredibly well otherwise the heavier parts will sink to the bottom. I'd use a quality or blender!

It will need to set for a couple of hours before it's a good gel consistency. At that point, you can just scoop out however much you need and microwave it for about 30 seconds. If it didn't melt, stir it up and trying again in increments of 5 to 10 seconds.

Be sure that it isn't too hot before serving! If you can put a drop on the inside of your wrist and it hurts, it's too warm so allow it to cool before letting them eat.

Since our kittens have gotten better, I've started adding high quality kitten food to this mixture. You can do the same by adding enough, before putting it in the refrigerator, to cover the top of the container. This will make a crust when you scoop it out, but once warmed it's pretty mushy and easy to eat.

You can use other baby food, but be sure that it has only natural ingredients and absolutely no onions! Beechnut's that I mentioned only has the meat and broth.

Even though this smells horrible, it certainly got our kittens to eat! And speaking of, I need to go feed them!

Hey New Facebook Fans!

Please don't forget to click the "Like" button pull down to always see our posts in your news feed.

Also, check out our current giveaways by clicking the tab called "GIVEAWAYS" on Facebook and on our site.

As a thanks for reaching 100 FB fans, we'll have another giveaway next week. On tap, we have even more in the future lined up already!


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Friday, June 08, 2012

Win A Free Canvas Print!

Ever want one of those fancy lookin' canvas prints but not had the money? I know the feeling and so does UPrinting. They offer this great service for pretty cheap--especially compared to what my husband paid for a canvas photo of our first child at a local shop--and the turnover for it being done and sent is one business day! (Who does things that fast nowadays?)

Sign up below with Rafflecopter, it's super quick and easy!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclaimer: “You should assume that the owner of this blog will receive free print products in exchange for the post. Any and all reviews posted are based solely on my own experience and may be atypical. Please practice due diligence in making any related purchase decisions. Interested to hold a giveaway like this? Please sign up here.

RIP Rosey...

She was out hunting today (she has been quite a lot since her kittens are older and about to be weaned) and was hit and killed by a car.

Personal picturePitaPata Cat tickers

Stop the ticker at 2 years, 3 weeks, & four days.

Izy keeps talking about how much Rosey loves her babies. And she does still, of that I am certain. It's just, we have to take care of them for her now. :*(

Let me note that the person who hit her did not stop, has had the police called on him on several occasions, and almost hit my husband a number of times while he was attempting to back out of the driveway. That little bastard is going to pay for this, believe me.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

"Let Your Geek Flag Fly"

...Is what my husband said when it came to naming the lovely dog we were given a few days ago. ;)

His name is Skeets*.

He's part Jack/Parson Russel Terrier and Beagle. Loves the kids, terrified of cats. Doesn't really play. Skittish as all hell. (The lady that was taking care of him before rescued him from a shelter, but wherever he was before he was abused and beaten--his ribs were broken.)

*Hint: Booster Gold**.

**Look it up.

Free Cooler from AllState with Your Quote!

Click on the link above (image) and enter all your information about where to send the bag.

Go to and get an online quote. It takes a little bit, but only add one vehicle and one driver to make it go by faster. (Once you input your address, it'll show what cars are listed there to take some of the work away for you!)

Once you're done, just hit the "Chat Online" button on the right-hand sidebar. Once the pop-up comes up and someone tells you "hi," ask them for your control/confirmation number. (Mine automatically posted it and told me to have a nice day, so I guess that's about all they've been doing today! Hehe.)

Plus: If you've gotten a quote in the past 45 days, you'll should have the ability to pull it back up and not have to go through the entire process once again! (Check your email {and spam folder} for information about how to log back in and get it.)


You can call AllState at 1-800-All-State (1-800-255-7828) and do your quote over the phone. Be sure to ask for your control/confirmation number to input on the site for a free cooler!

These are available until June 30th, so get them while you can!
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