Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DreamHost Web Hosting: Great Price Plus Special Coupon Code!

Ever heard of Dreamhost? I've been using them off and on since 2008. They're one of the best hosting services I've used in the past 14 years I've been online. (Omg, over half my life!) Even when we had some issues with them a few years ago, they very quickly credited our account for two months worth of service for our troubles. I've had problems with other places, but no one has ever treated me as well as them for mistakes.

For as little as $8.95 USD per month, you can get a free domain and unlimited storage on a shared plan. (It doesn't mean you share your account with anyone, it just means you share the resources with other users in the same plan. AKA you're all using the same computer.)

On top of that, I've got a promo code especially for my readers! If you use the promo code SUMNERSIX at checkout, you'll get another free domain as well as $5 off a year payment and $10 off a two-year. Two free domains, at a normal price of $9.95 each, and $5 off per year... Think that's a good enough deal?

If you do, please check it out. They really do have awesome service and always let people know when they have maintenance and, thus, downtime. I've been to places that rarely reply to service tickets, but DreamHost does!


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