Call me Tea.

My real name is Tashia Lea (pronounced Tash-A Lee) but that's just too hard for most people to get either the spelling or the pronunciation, so I've just combined them to make it easier for everyone, including myself.

While I would just go by the letter "T" my uncle already does that and has a business around it, so that doesn't really work. I don't enjoy my real name so I prefer to avoid it at all cost--even online. I'd prefer to just be "hey you" or something along those lines, but since that doesn't work too well on the online world, let's just go by "Tea." ;)

I'm a stay-at-home mother of four children under the age of four years old. My husband and I have been married for four years and been together for six. Our oldest two children are girls and youngest two are boys. People tend to assume our girls are twins but they are not. Everyone but me and the youngest were born in the month of September: I was born in May and he in March.

We have one dog, one cat, four kittens, and a fish. We have a few hanging plants and others around the house. We're outdoorsy. We enjoy camping and travel. We like to visit antique malls and yard sales to find a good deal. We have our own craft and vintage shop online. We collect a little bit of everything.

My husband works in manufacturing. Specifically, he works on vehicles that you may even have. He used to be a piercer at a tattoo parlor and he still hopes to one day go back to working like that, perhaps as a tattoo artist this time. He is talented, funny, highly intelligent, and possibly a bit of a pain, but I love him anyway and, for the sake of not using his real name either, we'll just call him Judas.

Our oldest is a dirty blonde full of curls, attitude and is a bit too smart for her own good. She never seems to stop eating and looks like a stick. She's bossy and opinionated--and she's not even four! She thinks she can't go out without dressing up like a princess so people will stop and call her cute. We can her Kalli.

Second is Izy. She's a crybaby-tomboy that hangs out with her little brother more than her sister since he started running around. She has dark brown eyes like me but was lucky enough to get awesome hair from somewhere in the gene pool.

Our first boy is known as Double D or just D for short. He's short, stout, and the loudest screamer out of the four of them. He's currently obsessed with his Cars blanket and drinking whole milk from a blue camo sippy cup at bedtime, even though he's been able to use a straw forever.

And last but not least is Sebby. He's huge. Actually, he's the biggest of all the children at birth, coming in at almost nine pounds! He's just starting to gab and play, but he's only a few months old now and still has a ways to go before he's running around with everyone else.

The new dog we have is named Skeets and is a Jack/Parsons Russel Terrier/Beagle mix. He's come from a bad place but gotten much better. Our cat is also a rescue. She is a Maine Coon mix and was declawed and dumped at the shelter overweight but still very loving. Both her and the dog are overprotective of the kids.

The kittens came from our stay cat that passed away. They are Snowshoe Siamese mixes and full of energy. They just turned eight weeks old and we are in the process of getting them all ready to be adopted, once we figure out which one (if any) we're planning on keeping.

Where do we live? In the Midwest! We're currently in southwestern Indiana but don't always plan to be. Actually, the plan is to start traveling full-time as soon as possible. We are hoping to one day make the Pacific northwest our home, but only if it feels right. That will be one of the main purposes of travel: To find out where we belong.

If you have any questions about us, feel free to ask.
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