Thursday, June 28, 2012

Trying to Build a Fanbase? Check This Out.

I've been working lately to get more people over here on the site, so I figured I would post my tips for doing so for other up-and-coming bloggers. (Though I've been blogging for fourteen years... Lol, I'm not old!)

Use Facebook as a Page
Seems simple, right? All you have to do is create a page (via pull down in top right hand corner on your name on Facebook) and it's all done... Wrong. Besides making the page, adding a profile image and background, you then need content. Either you can post every blog post on your site to your Facebook manually or you can have another program do that part for you--more on that later--but you then have to keep your fanbase engaged or you'll lose them. No, they probably aren't going to unlike your page, but they will probably be missing your page posts because of Facebook's new-fangled thing-a-ma-bob for crappy news feeds.

Use Twitter!
Whether you use your personal Twitter account or make one specifically for your blog--which I would suggest anyway so no one makes it to pick at your brand--you need one. It's pretty easy to talk on there because the character limit, but you have to be witty either with your non-post tweets or in your titles. You can do the manual way of adding each link or you can have a program do it for you.

Get a Good Program to Post Your Feed to Facebook & Twitter
What happens if you're away? Do you have automatic posts set up on your blog? Does your internet suck? Your computer die? What happens when you can't manually add those scheduled posts because you've slept in? That's where sites like TwitterFeed come in handy. I can't possibly add every post manually--I've tried!--with everything I have to get done everyday. I'm bound to forget something, but this site takes everything from my RSS feed and posts it to my personal & blog Twitter accounts, then the Facebook page, and even my LinkedIn account. I'd never post anything to LinkedIn if it weren't for this, but I get people visiting from those posts! It really does help when you're in a bind.

Know other bloggers? Don't know any other bloggers? Either one is okay. If you know others, let them know that you've got your own site and would like to try and do things with them. If they're a bigger site, it's going to help you with getting your name out and it's going to help them by free advertising on your site. It's a win-win situation. Even if you don't know any other bloggers, there are plenty of us out there! Most of them are really cool people and more than willing to help if they have the time. Just don't get discouraged if one person blows you off because they may be having a bad day. There are plenty of other fish in the sea!

Talk to Companies You Really Enjoy, Not Just Ones that Pay
Yeah, it's not as awesome getting a rejection email from a company you actually like or, sometimes even worse, not getting a response. You can sign up for a billion and one promo things and not enjoy them for any other reason than they are giving you something for free and/or paying you. But what you really need is to target products that you enjoy using and think you or your family may actually use. I try to steer clear of products that are targeting everyone and I don't like anyway... So what if I'm making money if I have to lie to my readers?

Can you think of anything else? Sort of ran out of stuff to say at this point. I know I had planned to write more, but maybe I'll do a "part 2" in the future. ;)


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