Thursday, June 28, 2012

Working on the Site

When the internet works tonight, I'm working on the blog. Changing a few things--like my name--and making it a little bit nicer to be on altogether.

I'm changing my name from my online nickname to a nick that's actually something one can pronounce and shout in anger if I for some reason happen to anger you in the near future. I came to realize a few months ago that "tlws" doesn't really cut it as an online alias, though I don't really need an alias as much as I just need a better real name!

Ads on the sidebars are GONE. Cleaned them up too. It was just too cluttered and it looked horrible.

Looking around for a good web design individual/company to make something specifically for Sumner Six. We need it, for real. I like this theme and all, but that's because it's free and it works for me. The more I see other people using it makes me feel uneasy. I need something unique! But money is an issue and I just do not have a couple hundred dollars to throw down on something like that. Sucks, but truth.

Doing a lot more reviews. Doing more giveaways. Working with other blogs. Trying to get the name out. Getting anywhere yet?

I've been working my ass off the past few days and I'm not gonna lie--it sucks. Every time I do something like this online and I get to figuring it out and doing well, I get flustered and let it flail about and die. I can't do that here. I've been blogging since I was twelve and a half and I don't just want to toss one more thing out the door because of my fears. I need to suck it up and deal with it.

PS - Apparently "suck" is my word for today. Word.


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