Thursday, June 07, 2012

Free Cooler from AllState with Your Quote!

Click on the link above (image) and enter all your information about where to send the bag.

Go to and get an online quote. It takes a little bit, but only add one vehicle and one driver to make it go by faster. (Once you input your address, it'll show what cars are listed there to take some of the work away for you!)

Once you're done, just hit the "Chat Online" button on the right-hand sidebar. Once the pop-up comes up and someone tells you "hi," ask them for your control/confirmation number. (Mine automatically posted it and told me to have a nice day, so I guess that's about all they've been doing today! Hehe.)

Plus: If you've gotten a quote in the past 45 days, you'll should have the ability to pull it back up and not have to go through the entire process once again! (Check your email {and spam folder} for information about how to log back in and get it.)


You can call AllState at 1-800-All-State (1-800-255-7828) and do your quote over the phone. Be sure to ask for your control/confirmation number to input on the site for a free cooler!

These are available until June 30th, so get them while you can!


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