Monday, June 25, 2012

Current Giveaways!

Please let me state something and make it very clear:
If you sign up for one of my giveaways and lie, your entries will be removed.
There have been several people signing up and saying they've liked or saying they've tweeted when they haven't done a thing. Do not think for one instant that I don't check that. I do check and I will continue to do so, so stop cheating already.

If you're winning things on other sites, then you are a horrible person that is stealing from not only the host of the giveaway and the company willing to so graciously give the product away for free, but also all the people that took the time to sign up properly.

How can you people sleep at night?
Karma's a bitch and I hope you never win a thing.

So, knowing that, here are the current giveaways on the site!

As for all of my super-fantastic-all-around-awesome fans that are good people, I just want you to know that your entries count! I won't let these cheaters try to cheat you (hehe) out of any prizes that they want for nothing when you do the entries properly! I just can't stand people doing that, can you?

*Since I am not hosting this, I can't be sure that cheaters aren't on there. I'm sure there are with so many entries, but I'm hoping karma will prove true and keep any of those individuals from winning!


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