Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Found Something!

Found a vehicle today. If the tax money is in by morning, I think we'll just go and get it. Big enough for everyone, decently priced, and we can afford it. Checked the insurance, plates and registration and we'll still have enough for everything. Then we can get rid of the car that's too small!

Only thing I can think of that might go wrong tomorrow, well, few things, I should say...
  • I don't have my SS card. I may have to drive 40 miles just to get a paper that says, yes, this is my number.
  • The income taxes don't come in on time.
  • Prices aren't as they appear to be.
  • The car lot is closed tomorrow.
  • We don't get up and they've already sold it.
  • It sold in the last few minutes they were open today.
So, I want to stay up just a little longer in order to make sure the money is deposited like it should be. Hopefully no pending stuff, because that has never happened to us before with our new cards. That would absolutely throw everything off!

Hoping that everything goes right for once. Maybe DHs missing paycheck could come in as well? That'd be great since there is no paycheck this week. (Did I ever mention how much I hate bi-weekly checks?)

I would like nothing more than to post photos of a new (used) vehicle tomorrow. Maybe something else too, but I don't see that happening until this weekend... In any case, we need this week to go a lot better than all the rest of the weeks, months, past year.


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