Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Severe Weather

I'm a storm spotter. I'm also a mother. Of course, if there's any "bad" weather headed our way I'm up and tracking and worried, but also very interested. Weather fascinates me.

DD woke up before the thunder started. I managed to fall asleep knowing that it would storm this morning and not setting up any alerts first. So, I grabbed my nearly-dead phone and saw that the storms were about an hour away. I got up.

There was a report of a tornado on the ground in Harrisburgh, Illinois. Not close to us, south of us and the storm would stay that way. Still, we used to live in it's path on the south side of Evansville, Indiana, and my sister-in-law lives in a trailer park down there. I was concerned, obviously.

Father-in-law, whom she would normally call, is at work. Her mother, my MIL, has no minutes on her phone nor is it ever turned on anyway. I woke up my husband so he would have his phone on and charged in case she called as we are the only family members she'd be able to get a hold of.

I kept watching. It was headed just south of her home, so I attempted to wake my husband up to call her. She's off work today and I wasn't for sure she was even awake to know what was going on. It's a scary thought, even if we don't get along with her. I don't really care who it is, if you know anyone in the path of a tornado, it should bother you.

In any case, it seems to have avoided her completely and thankfully, though there are fatalities in Illinois and damage in both Indiana and Kentucky too. (Evansville is right on the Ohio River across from Kentucky and Illinois is just to the west.) Not something anyone wants to happen in their area. It's really depressing to know that people have lost their lives tonight and this morning.

When my mother-in-law got up, she didn't care. What? What about her daughter? Obviously she'd be fine. She did point out that she needed to get minutes for her phone. What? She informs me we have a tornado warning. No we don't, that's south of us. Oh, it's a watch. Yeah, but it's been cancelled. It's supposed to be windy. Of course it is! School is closed. No it's not, it's on a delay. They're on a delay? Yes, it was storming! Why does it even matter? Your kids are in their twenties.

I want to rip my hair out. How can you not care? It's morning, yes. It's early, yes. You just woke up, I got it. Your kid could have died tonight, don't you fucking care at all?

I want to cry.

I could barely get my husband awake enough to give a damn. He didn't seem the slightest bit concerned either because he is tired. For that matter, he went back to bed. He told me he texted his sister when I woke him up to call her (I don't have her number nor would she probably speak to me anyway), but I don't recall him ever touching his phone. He probably thought he did, because he tends to "dream" things I've asked him to do while sleepy.

His excuse? "I have to work today." So what? It's not like you can't sleep more later. I think you should care a little bit more about this. What if it was headed this way? Am I supposed to grab the kids, get them in the car, and somehow get you up and in the car too so we can leave? (We're in a modular that's really just a flimsy double-wide. No storm shelter or anything for that matter.)

I'm so frustrated right now. I went to sleep shortly before him. I got up. I've been up. Just because he works later this evening does not mean that he should be magically entitled to more sleep than me. I get to watch the kids and work online, but obviously I don't need the sleep.

Actually, he told me he was just "going to lay down" because we were arguing and he "didn't want to yell at me." Needless to say, all he did was go back to bed.

I wish people would grow up around here...


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