Wednesday, December 07, 2011

WePay $10 Credit

Just tweeted about WePay from our admin panel and noticed this:

Apparently you can get a $10 credit through a referral? It's supposed to give the referrer a $20 credit, so that's a lot of money they're handing out over there!

If you haven't heard of WePay, it's a pretty nice alternative to PayPal. You don't have to pay as many fees, it's about the same as using Etsy, and you can set up your own shop on there for free--which PayPal doesn't let you do.

Sign up and give it a shot if you want to try something new. Some of my friends transferred from PayPal to WePay because of issues with billing, too many fees for small purchases, and things like that. (Personally, I loved PayPal until they closed the Money Market a few months ago. That made it worth using if you had a business debit card!)


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