Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Am I The Only One That Doesn't Get Basketball?

Carmex has teamed up with LeBron James, of some sort of basketball fame from some team I do not know, for giveaways.

You can sign up here. (You can share three ways once a day for more entries.)

I don't get basketball though, so all the basketball related talk and chatter annoys me. I like football. I like hockey. I like violent sports, always have. The guys that play basketball professionally seem to have more violence in the home than off the court. (At least that's all I've seen in the news, but that was, what, back in the 90's?)

Anywho, you can sign up to try and get a new sample of Carmex's Healing Lotion by clicking here:

Request A Sample!*

*Only 50 winners per week, but you do not have to sign up every week.


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