Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Lot18: Free Shipping for the Holidays & $10 Credit for $100 Spent, Referal Credits, & More!

Have you heard of Lot18 yet?

Get insider access to the finest wines, specialty foods and epicurean-themed excursions, all made available in small quantities and at attractive prices.

Membership is free, so join today!

I don't like wine (or liquor of any sort) and I don't much care for chocolate, but I do love shiny silverware!

Any credits you get (because you get a $25 credit for each person you sign up) can be used towards shipping and handling! Last month, I received an email for a free $20 credit for Thanksgiving and they've been doing the same thing for Christmas! That's insane, because most people that are referred already get a $10 credit on their account--that's $30 dollars to spend!

We spent the $30 credit on this beautiful cake server set:

What are you going to get?


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