Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Walmart Tonight

Had two coupons I received in the mail from Beech-Nut that I used. Those worked to take off the baby food and cereal. Also had two $5 and one $2 Register Rewards from Walgreens. (I love how those are manufacturers coupons!)

Bought a half gallon of whole milk, a 12-pack of Mt. Dew, two large Beech-Nut baby food jars, a box of oatmeal and mixed fruit Beech-Nut cereal, Axe recovery body spray, and a 30-pack of Curad sports bandages.

It took about 30 minutes in line though. The poor kid was typing in and scanning everything right, but it just didn't want to ring up properly! (And his manager had magically disappeared.) Anyway, we got out of there after two problems on the register and $0.37!

Who doesn't like walking away from shopping after being given money back, even if it is only a few cents? Something is better than nothing.


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