Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Beech-Nut Baby & Toddler Sign-Up

Have a baby or toddler? Want coupons for free stuff to try?

Click here for the Beech-Nut signup!

They have some awesome rewards programs going on right now.

This one is until March 2012 I believe:

And this one that ends at the end of January:

I signed up my son, who turned one in September, about a month ago and got two coupons in the mail along with the first rewards sheet. The coupons were for 2 free Beech-Nut baby food jars, under $2, and one free box of Beech-Nut cereal, under $2. So, I can use those proofs of purchase from the free ones to get half of the items needed for the rewards program. Nice.

I don't like to buy Beech-Nut because they are pretty expensive, but with the rewards and coupons, they aren't so bad. I have no problem buying them as long as they keep this stuff up!


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