Tuesday, December 06, 2011

What's Your Best Deal This Week?

We've gotten three $5 Register Rewards from Walgreens last week because we bought a lot of chocolate! (And it was good, even though I don't particularly care for chocolate!) Been using those at Walmart on stuff we need since we have no money until Saturday.

We bought a can of Axe body spray and a bottle of Germ-X hand sanitizer and still got a quarter back! I am so sad that I cannot find the receipt for that one!

Had a $3 ExtraCare Credit from CVS as well as a raincheck for the half gallons of milk that were on sale for $1.69. Added a 25% off any purchase of $99 or less to my card from the email I received also. Still had to buy a Sunday paper, but altogether that was only $0.19!

(Sorry for the blurriness--I'm still getting used to using Lemon!)

We still have a $2 and $5 RR to spend. I'm waiting for this adorable Starbucks travel mug to get restocked at our local Walmart to spend some of it on. I've been searching for them, but they just aren't back yet. They seem to go fast.


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