Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What Happened to Blogger Integrity?

I do things now that I haven't always wanted to do, but I think they are good choices not just for me and this site but for my readers as well.
  • Yes, I have ads on my sidebars. 
  • Yes, I have posts that will earn me pennies but save you dollars.
  • Yes, I have made reviews about products that I have used and enjoyed and gotten something in return for it.
I will not, however: Lie.
  • I will not post a product I do not endorse or have a member of my family use.
  • I will not ask for votes in my blog posts, though I will leave the links there for you to vote if you wish.
  • I will not use other websites to trick you into coming to my site just to make myself money, even if I watch others do this.
Honestly, I can't believe what I've seen other bloggers doing lately. Maybe it's because I've been looking around online more and I've just never noticed until recently, but this is getting ridiculous. If making a post promoting an item to get people to click through on a link that you will get paid per sign up isn't enough, they're using other sites (like Pinterest & ReclipIt) and having popups on their pages as well!

People are getting too greedy.

I've been blogging since before I turned 13. I've been on a computer since I was 4. Maybe I just have some "old school" philosophies about what's wrong and right online, but perhaps I'm just behind the times.

My grandparents raised me better than that though.


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