Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Squished Head... Thinking that might be a nickname in the future!

If you have children, I'm sure you know how soft their tiny skulls are for a while. If they lay on one side more than the other, you have to flip their heads around or their head will get lopsided.

Well, all of our kids have different shaped heads. Kalli always liked to sleep with her head to the right, so she's a bit flatter on that side--not as though you can tell with all those curls though. Izy's head is bumpy on top to the right, whereas her Daddy's head is bumper on the left. Double D is flat in the back because he just lays like that, still. But Sebby is the worst...

For three days, he constantly pulled his head to the left. Three days, and his head was completely flat on the left side and rounded on the right! Oh my, it freaked me out. I know Kal's head did that a few times, but his looked horrible!

He's still looking more to the left than to the right, but it's not as though there's anything wrong... He just really likes to sleep on that side. When he was a few weeks old, he learned how to kick enough to roll over to his left side. We can only assume he's been doing this much longer than since he's been out of the womb.

So far, so good though. He might not like it, but his little head has been getting turned to the right a lot more than before. He fusses about it and I can only assume things are much cooler to look at on the left side, so we've been putting up more things to the right for him to look at.

He can move his head around just fine, but he favors the left over the right. Once his head solidifies more, I really don't care. But right now, I'd prefer to attempt to make his head a more proper shape.


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