Thursday, March 22, 2012

Babies'R'Us' V.I.B.: Very Important Baby Cash Back Rewards Program

Babies'R'Us (and Toys'R'Us by default) have a new program. Called V.I.B., or Very Important Baby, it is a program for earning cash back on qualifying purchases of essential baby products such as diapers, formula, and the like.

Once you sign up, you will be given a card just like the image above. It looks just like a regular gift card from Babies'R'Us, because that's essentially what it is. It is a card that you add money to and use just like a normal gift card. Each time money is added to the card, you get 10% cash back added as well within 24 hours--up to $200 each year!

So even if you only add $100 to your card so you can stock up on diapers, you'll still be getting an additional $10 that you didn't have before.

Already a Rewards'R'Us member? Good, because you have to be for this. (Not to mention you'll be combining your cash back from this program and your discounts and rewards points to get more bang for your buck.)

If you have a registry, you can combine all three programs (Rewards'R'Us, Registry Rewards, & VIB) for the most rewarding experience... Not to mention you can still use coupons for all these programs, and even stack store and manufacturers coupons together! (Plus, if you have it listed on your online registry, people can just add money to it. Bonus for both them and you!)

Learn more about it here:
You must sign up in store and can only use the card in store. I see this as the only drawback. (Besides that you only get one card, as it would be nice for both my husband and I to have the ability to keep one a piece.)


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