Monday, February 27, 2012

Urgh, Painless?

I've been doing a lot today. Maybe more than I should be, I'll admit. But, I've never been one to allow something as silly as pregnancy stop me from doing something I could normally do. ;)

I don't have any complications with this pregnancy like I did the last, so I'm not treating my body any differently. Sure, my back completely locked up this afternoon but I took a Tylenol and was good an hour later. I don't think I pulled anything, it's just that my back has been giving me trouble after having three kids in three years.

Worked a lot last night online, went to bed late, got up late (which isn't new since DH started working nights), started digging through the garage and answering so many texts from people wanting to know about the stuff we were selling I could have ripped my hair out. Managed to make $75 on a pile of stuff a guy filled up his truck with, then another $30 on a washer/dryer set that we didn't need and doesn't work that well, then another $20 on coupons.

All in all, I don't think we did bad for a day's worth of work. Plus, the kids got to spend a lot of time outside which they haven't been able to for some time, which really sucks because we're more of an outdoor sort of family anyway.

So, the guy is supposed to come back out tomorrow and help us go through all the stuff at the old house with his brother. Bonus would be getting some of the stuff out of the house we've needed to forever without having to worry about being there alone. Ever since someone broke in the front door and the place is abandoned (though we still own it) I've been terrified to go there. Hope to get something out of that experience tomorrow though.

Now, hubby is at work for the night. Kids are in bed, though not sleeping. And I'm in pain. Well, not really "pain per say, but it's those damnable Braxton-Hicks contractions and I just can't stand them. Ever heard that it feels like a rubber band around the top of your belly? That's what it's always felt like for me. So here I have a baby kicking/hickuping/something and this tightening that isn't really painful but isn't really something I can just ignore either. And my back is starting to hurt again.

Bed is broken and I'm sleeping on the floor again. That so helps my back, I'm sure. The first few nights that air mattress--only thing we have and the only thing that makes me feel the slightest bit comfortable anyway--started deflating it wasn't so bad. Then it ripped a huge hole in the bottom and now it goes from over-inflated to flat-on-the-ground in less than two hours. At least when it deflates quickly it doesn't hurt my neck, otherwise my head is too light compared to the rest of me and I wake up in this weird kinked position hardly able to move with a headache.

Right now, the floor is pretty comfy. There is a very flat, maybe half-inch thick futon mat on the floor, then a few blankets. It's better than nothing and it works for right now. Sure, it really sucks to get up off the floor, but I manage. I also passed out in nap mode from being so tired earlier while the kids watched The Chipmunks. Nothing new there honestly, because I've been doing that a lot this past month. Gotta love how my energy level goes down then up then down again at the end of pregnancy. :/

Still working on a place to stay. Currently just concerned about getting money for gas. DH was supposed to get a check in the mail on Thursday because they needed an extra week for his first direct deposit. It still didn't come in today. He did manage to get a hold of someone today and they told him they "didn't control the US Postal Service" and would send him another check. Yeah, thanks guys. I hate the places to work around here, because they all treat people like crap. Hubby wasn't the only person they screwed over with a check last week, so I can't wait for it to direct deposit so we don't have to worry about that anymore.

Just trying to wait around through this "pain" and get a call in to my DH to let him know what's going on. If it gets to hurting too much, he'll try to come home like he did a few weeks ago. That one was bad. I was counting and there were four contractions in an hour, but nothing else. When I went for my checkup a few days later, I did tell her and she checked my cervix (yuck) and said she'd call it a 2. Let me explain: At the hospital last month I was at 1 1/2. That's sort of my "base" so I'm just not dilating yet, thankfully. (Plus I've always bled when I do.)

I guess that's another good thing about having a few kids close together: You remember what it's like to go into labor. With Kal, I spotted and didn't feel that great but no contractions. With Iz, my legs turned purple from the cramping but it didn't hurt, I just felt really strange and was spotting. With DD, I was induced and it was like being in a dream. I barely remember throwing up and peeing on myself at the same time! (Thank god, that would have been so embarrassing to me!) This one is just a lot more cramping than before, but each one is different. But I've never had this many BH in any of my past pregnancies!

How much of a "pain" were false contractions for you?


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