Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Printer! / Omg, Why?!

Finally got a new printer over the weekend. Retailed $70 at Target, on sale for $50 there and Walmart. The ink for 400+ pages is $18 at our local Walmart, compared to the 200+ pages of black ink for $15 in my in-laws printer. Yeah, I think I'm fine with the cheaper stuff.

So, no real problems installing the printer on our main laptop as soon as we got home Saturday night. Worked just fine. Awesome. Wireless ran smooth, printer is a heck of a lot quieter than the HP, etc etc etc. My husband even downloaded Epson (which, btw, stands for Son of Electronic Printer) app for his phone and printed that way. Nice right?

Skip to the next day, Sunday. We have another laptop. A broken one--

--that I use to print off additional coupons.

It's my old one that broke within the year warranty when I did little more than touch the top one day. (The plastic is pretty flemsy and bent in, cracking the screen.) The horrible customer service at Asus hardly spoke English and just had me repeat the same things over and over again until they finally told me it had to have been my fault because that couldn't have possibly happened. Yeah. Sure. Whatever...

Anyway, as you can see, I don't have a whole lot of the screen to work with. Well, today is Tuesday and I have just now gotten the printer to work on that laptop. Had to install, reinstall, update, Windows update, download, download, uninstall, reinstall, update, find, install, Windows install... It was a never-ending cycle that ended today.

I've been working on it since Sunday. I'm surprised I didn't rip out half my hair over these past few days. Shesh!

Lost several coupons in the process of getting it to work too, but at least it finally does work! I've been so frustrated with it, I've wanted nothing to do with the damn thing. Now that it works now, it's a lot better than having to hook it up on either computer just to get something printed out!

I'd also like to share with anyone that has an Asus Eee PC: If you cannot get your wireless to work at all and can't figure out why, press the Function button and F2 at the same time. It might be disabled and the software never shows that it is.


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