Friday, May 25, 2012

Hmm, I Think I See a Pattern...

Thought this was super strange to see in my Facebook feed today: Four different blogs all with contests for Scout Bags.

Okay, it's just a coincidence, right? Well, these four all posted and started today:
So, no, it's not four different giveaways or anything super creepy... Just that I follow four blogs on FB that are all doing the same contest by either hosting it or sponsoring it. (I know I saw it six times in my feed, but these are the only four links I could find on there right this second.)

Am I the only one that hates this trend? I've seen a lot of blogs posting the same things one after another... So what about those that do go out and get the content on their own? Are they any better or can anyone even tell anymore? (There are a lot of any's in that sentence!)

I just hate the thought of those horrible sponsored giveaways. I know you have hosting fees to keep your website up, but to host a giveaway and have other people give you money in order to buy something to giveaway seems sort of silly when most of them could just get the products for free if they just talked to the company and did a review.

I also hate how much companies are targeting Mommy Bloggers recently. Perfect example: The Avengers Movie. I love comics. I like some of the movies that they didn't butcher. Lots of mom's that blog got to see the new movie for free, some even at the premiere, and get free products to review that had the characters on them. That's all fine and well... But why are you targeting moms? I'm sure some of them may be fans, but probably not a ton. I'm sure lots of them love the "hot" guys on the screen. But I'm pretty damn sure it was just a ploy to get more women to watch and then get their kids and husbands. That ticks me off. Don't target the original audience, just whatever can get more money. That is BS.

And, no, I'm not complaining about this specific giveaway. Actually, I haven't even looked at it! So if you're looking to get one of those bags, go over and sign up for a chance! I'm just venting because I can. ;)


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