Thursday, May 24, 2012

Attack of the Monster Mr. Hoppy

First and foremost, allow me to explain that a Mister Hoppy is, in fact, a frog or toad.

Izy woke up last night screaming bloody murder. She's shaking, clutching her blanket, unwilling to move from the corner of her bed where she is standing, screaming about something through tears and mumbles.

Finally, after my husband sat her down and she shook her way over to the doorway where I was did I begin to understand her, though she was hyperventilating:
"Mr. Hoppy attacked me."
Of course, there is no frog or toad in the house or in her bed for that matter, not to mention that she generally likes them unless they jump on her face like a little tree frog did some time ago. Even then, it doesn't bother her half as much as her big sister.

Izy just has a tendency to hyperventilate whenever she is upset. She's always been that way!

She just wanted to cuddle, then eat some more pizza, color, then go to bed with us. There was no way she was willing to go back into her bed even though Daddy had "taken Mister Hoppy outside where he belonged."

After staying awake most of the night, she finally started twitching and fell asleep against me.

All was good until her sister couldn't sleep only seconds after Izy fell asleep. We ended up trading one child for another.

Kalli stayed up for a little while, but she just could not get comfy. That was her main problem. Didn't help me any though, as she's always been a Daddy's girl and wanted nothing to do with me whereas her sister used to stick to me like glue.

None of the kids are really cuddly all the time... DD just wants people to pick him up and as long as he knows you he doesn't care who you are. Izy cuddles when she is scared and Kalli snuggles when she wants something. Sebby is too little to pick sides, but he certainly prefers Daddy over me because I'm on a mission to get that little boy's head the right shape!

In any case, Izy was all good after she was put in bed--even if it was pretty early this morning. No more nightmares about Mister Hoppy jumping on her and her pillows, then worrying about her sister and brothers being attacked too.

That is, until she fell asleep tonight.

Iz is always the first one out. She gave up naps in order to stay up like her big sister, but makes up for it by passing out about a half an hour before her little brother and waking up a little later than her sister. So, the other two were still up watching Puss In Boots when she started screaming.

She was suddenly at the door, struggling with it. I thought it may have been her sister but both of them can open doors and DD doesn't know how to climb out of his bed yet. It took a little while before Daddy went and let her out and she was freaking.

Runs over to me, going on about how Mr. Hoppy attacked her again. I put her on my lap and hold her to get her to stop shaking and calm down enough to breathe. She finally does and goes on about it jumping on her and it's in her bed again.

Her sister is beside her bed. Her brother is beside her bed. Neither of them have seen anything and don't even know what she's going on about.

My first thought is, like last night, that maybe it's the hanging plant by the window. Maybe she wakes up and sees it and thinks it's something falling? But it's been there for a while...

Maybe her sister is being mean and playing tricks on her? Maybe her brother is throwing things at her and startling her awake? Neither would surprise me...

But, it seems to just be nightmares as there is, currently, no proof of anything else.

So, here we are at 12:30 on a Wednesday night Thursday morning with Izy in the chair not wanting to sleep again. Maybe tomorrow we'll do better.

She didn't take any naps today, but she's been in one hell of a mood too.

Then again, Daddy and I are too. If she whines one more time about ants or bugs in her ear/climbing on her or about the crayon wrappers that she thinks look like bugs that she just peeled off...

If nothing else, she was really cute running around singing The Doom Song earlier.

...I'm sure Daddy didn't think so since he was playing his video game, hehe.


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