Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Domain!

...And it only took me sending my domain register a customer support message!

Putting a domain on a pre-existing Blogger (BlogSpot) blog.

Had quite a bit of trouble with it. Here's what I did:
  • Find the Google help page about what to do
  • Sign in on
    • Click on your domain
    • Scroll down to the bottom where it says "Advanced Technical Settings"*
      • Click on A to edit
        • Add these four IP addresses to the right-hand column
        • Leave the left-hand column blank
      • Click on CNAME to edit
        • Put www in the left-hand column
        • Put in the right-hand column
  • Go to
    • Go to your blog Settings > Basics (the main/first Settings page)
    • Under "Publishing" there is a section called "Blog address"
      • Click "Advanced settings"
      • Add your domain name, with WWW in front
    • Save and reopen
      • Check the box for "Redirect MYDOMAIN.COM to WWW.MYDOMAIN.COM"
    • Save again
  • Check domain in new window
    • If it works, awesome!
  • If it doesn't appear within a few hours
    • Contact support and let them know you've done everything on your end
  • Magically, it WILL WORK eventually
*Note: If you have changed the DNS on, you must reset it to the original settings otherwise you won't find the A and CNAME at the bottom of the page.

Btw, I bought my .com address for $2. You can too. Just use the code Reg2ea at the checkout. (It was a Google ad, so I'm sure they're making even more money off of me by this.) It's only for new users and it's about as cheap as I could find it online. Enjoy!


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