Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I'm not about to get into explaining everything that's happened to us over the past long while, but allow me to make one thing very clear--I'm a stay at home mom.

Sure, not everyone likes that thought.

My husband works because he wants to. I stay at home because I want to. It's good for us, but it's not going to work for everybody.

I've already took the step this year to sign up for home schooling for the kids, and that has a whole lot to do with why I've always planned on being a SAHM since before we started trying to have children.

Yes, we're in a spot right now and have been for a little bit. But, honestly, who isn't at some point in their life?

Currently, we're trying to figure out exactly what my husband wants to do for a career. He's more than allowed to try and figure out what kind of job he really enjoys because he's been working his ass off at jobs where no one appreciates him and his work ethic, not to mention they don't ever last. It's disappointing and disheartening and I'm sick of him suffering through it.

I have things I do to get by. It's not much, but it's usually enough. I coupon, I save, I make a bit selling online and I'm sure you've all noticed the ads and I'm working a hell of a lot harder on that than ever before.

We're still breastfeeding, so that saves some too. Don't have to worry about clothes at this point because there are actually way too many and we need to go through them again and take them off to the consignment shop.

No, we did not put ourselves in the position that we are in now. How many people honestly do? Bad things do happen to good people, whether anyone wants to believe it or not. I could bore you with the horrible set of circumstances that lead us to where we are, but I don't think anyone really cares anymore.

Just know that the next time you go about blaming someone for their situation or telling them that they shouldn't have had kids to begin with or to go get a job, life isn't always that easy or simple to judge.

How would you like it if someone said that to your family? It doesn't feel good, especially when you understand the truth behind what's going on.


  1. Are you kidding, did you erase my post from before? Well i thought you dont bite. I was not saying anything about you as a mother, just thought maybe not be so negative in your posts. You have a wonderful husband that loves you is what i gather from your posts and 4 beautiful children. In laws that will help... maybe not the situation that you would want. I just meant by the job. McDonalds is usually hiring and if thats all that is out there then thats what you do. And they do have advancement opportunities. I love that you can stay home with your little ones. No one was attacking you. Really?

    1. No, someone was... It tends to happen anytime I have a blog. Sorry your post ended up deleted too! Honestly, I have issues with someone that didn't like me in high school that tends to pick on me online whenever he gets the chance. (I graduated in 2004.)


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