Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pampers Diapers Deal

Babies 'R' Us is having a sale until the 20th. Buy two value boxes (88ct+) of Pampers diapers and a value box of Pampers wipes (640ct+), get a $25 gift card back.

I currently have one $10 gift card for them and will be redeeming a coupon for another tomorrow. So I'll have $20 worth of gift cards.

The boxes of Pampers diapers we usually get are a little less than $40. The wipe pack is less than $20. That's $100 altogether.

Now, $100 in Pampers products minus $20 in gift cards minus the $25 gift card after purchase equals $55. I'm totally okay with that. :D

As a bonus, it takes quite a while for the kids to go through those value packs, so we shouldn't have to buy anymore diapers for a month. We usually spend at least $20 a week or more in diapers alone, so spending $55 for the month sounds lovely.

(I'm also going to have a look at my coupons... See if there's any way I can use some of those with this offer. I know they usually don't allow it, but it's totally worth a shot!)


  1. Coupons I have for Pampers products above:
    - $8 off purchase of Pampers Value Box of Diapers & Wipes (ToysRus/BabiesRus)
    - $1.50 off Pampers Diapers/Pants (P&G 1/29)
    - $0.50 off Pampers Wipes 60ct+ (P&G 1/29)

    Still looking for more. Might be able to use the $8 one, if not, I don't see anything saying I can't use the manufacturer's coupons at least. That would end up being another $3.50 in savings!

  2. Okay, my kids go through about one box of Parent's Choice (Walmart brand) diapers every week. That's 70 diapers.

    If I get the Pampers box that has 134ct, that's about two weeks worth of diapers in one of the value packs. Plus, Pampers diapers do work better than the Parent's Choice and don't tend to leak out the sides...

    (No offense to Walmart, because I love the price of your brand, but they are a bit sub-standard compared to the expensive ones!)

    So that's about four weeks worth of diapers if I do this deal. For $55. Minus either $9.50 or $3.50 after coupons, which will just be going to some of the taxes really.

    Anyone think this is good? I do.

    It usually takes about $60 per month (usually more) for diapers alone. We won't go through that many wipes that fast, as we normally by the Equate (Walmart brand again) with 240 every two to three weeks.

    Now, I can only hope that they actually have the right sizes in tomorrow! Everyone's talking about snow late this weekend, so I'm sure everyone is going to go crazy at the stores tomorrow...


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