Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Not Enjoying This Winter

Besides there being less than a half an inch of snow that's fallen this season--and I love snow!--I've managed to get sick no less than three times now.

First: Stomach bug. At Thanksgiving. Urgh.
Two: Head cold. Head colds effect my chronic sinus and ear issues, so these are absolutely horrible to deal with and seem to take forever to get rid of.
Three: Stomach bug, again. Izy started getting sick a week ago and then I got it. Now it's just me and Double D with it, but I was in the hospital for quite a while yesterday getting fluids and anti-nausea medicine. Now that I got to feeling a tad bit better from that, I barely managed to sleep this morning even with the meds because my stomach. I don't remember Monday at all because the first round of anti-nausea medication knocked me out.

I did manage to have a decent day before really getting sick on Sunday though. My husband has been trying everything to get me to let him by an expensive video game. Without it going on sale or having coupons for it, there was no way we could afford it. We had to go out for a sale on Saturday night before my coupons and the sale expired, and he had to go look for the game on the shelf. Sure, I wasn't happy about it--it's a $60 game and there's no way we can waste that much money.

Well, we did waste that much money. There was a special on it at Target last week. If you bought the game, you got a $20 gift card. Okay, that makes the game $40. At least that's somewhat palatable since the only thing left to buy for the week (until I got sick at least) was more gas for the car. Problem? We don't live near a Target, so we sort of have to spend this now since we only go there maybe once every few months.

Remember me talking about getting a new coupon binder? Yeah, that's what that gift card was spent on. The Target had Case-It double ringed binders, which is better than anything I've managed to find around here. I didn't really like it at first, but hubby assured me it was better than that I currently had and that he would use it too, since we got the blue one. It's made everything too easy in my opinion. Everything's all sorted and organized and now I have nothing left to do! (It's also so big that my daughter is using it as a chair. Lol.)


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