Tuesday, February 28, 2012

♫ Money Money Money... Moooney! ♫

Not really, well, at least for very long. We need it! No check this week, as it still hasn't come in and this is the down week for DHs bi-weekly check.
  • Made $105 on stuff posted on Craigslist yesterday.
  • Made $21 on coupons yesterday.
  • State income tax deposit came in this morning.
  • Made another $40 on stuff at the old house.
  • Someone is coming to pick up the bed ($75) tomorrow evening.
  • Federal income tax is supposed to be deposited on Thursday.
  • Still have more stuff to sell.
Found gas for only $3.56 a gallon in town right before it went up to $3.79. Filled up the tank. It only cost $51. That's been a while.

Used about a hundred so far over the past few days, mostly on gas. Really need to change the oil in the car, but we're getting rid of it! Just does not have enough room, sadly. Love the search/temp buttons for everything on the steering wheel. Very nice.

It's storming a bit here now, but nothing big. It's to the south. Just windy and hubby is out, so that's about my only concern. Hail core is staying south of us and south of anything I plan on getting soon. Don't like the idea of large hail, mainly because I've seen what it can do.

It is a pity that it isn't going to do anything. Sort of like watching storms. That's why they're no fun at night. I'm night blind and can't see a thing! Not as though a normal person would be able to see a whole lot in the dark and rain anyway...


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