Sunday, February 26, 2012

Family Update

Quick run down of what's going on at "home."

The in-laws that we have been staying with have decided that we have stayed too long and are wanting us out. There is no nice way to put it, but they want us gone ASAP.

Believe me, we have not wanted to stay so long. My husband is finally working again after many days of just being sent home after driving into work simply because they don't have enough things for all the people they've hired to do. That wastes our money in gas and what little we do get to save up gets used on the "bad" weeks.

In any case, the in-laws have been getting more and more hostile and now that we are waiting for our small amount of tax money to come in, they want us gone. My husband spoke with his mother today and asked, at minimum, for them to wait until our taxes come in so we can at least afford a hotel to stay in for a bit.

You have to understand something: We lived in our car and a tent for a week this summer because of these people. They offered to help us when my husband lost his job in January and we lost our home. We had nothing and have had nothing.

It's an absolute horror to have to deal with these people, who only care about themselves and say they care about us and our children but are more than willing to turn us out in the cold for their dog. (Not joking--that's why we were homeless for a week. A dog. Seriously.)

I'm working my ass off and I'm due literally any day now. My husband was sent home almost every day last week because they didn't have anything for him to do at work. We're going to my OBGYN every Friday and the past two weeks she has figured I would go into labor before my next appointment each time--my due date is on March 14th!

So, I'm holding out hope that I don't go into labor anytime soon and that our money magically appears in our account and that something spectacular will happen tomorrow. Of course, I've been hoping for that for some time and it has yet to happen. Still, it's worth wishing for.

I have something in the works that, I pray, will fix the problem at least for the time being. I still have to get some emails back and barter and do whatever I can to make this happen today/tomorrow/the next day. I do not want to be here any longer and subject my family to any more stress and anger.

Needless to say, we want nothing more to do with these people. I know not everyone will agree that it is the proper thing to do, but you have to understand that they also just "got rid of" their niece that they were awarded guardianship of because they no longer wanted to deal with her. (She hasn't been here all week and just came out tonight to pick up her things.)

If they wish to have their house back so badly, they can have it. They fought hard for guardianship of two nephews and a niece, but all three of them are gone now. Their daughter is gone as of a few months ago and, now that we are the only ones left in their house, the pressure is immense.

It is not as though we wish to be here, to live here, but we had no other choice. There are no shelters nearby. There is no housing that would take us. There is nothing we could afford nor get because of our eviction earlier this year. We have a car and a tent and love, food and water and clothing, but not a home.

I'm working hard on it. I'm trying not to stress. My husband is too. It's hard. It's been hard, but we'll make it. I always tell myself that there are people worse off and it is very true. So I just keep on going and working and doing what I must.

The stress is a pain in the ass though. I wish it would go away and all our troubles with it, but that seems highly unlikely.

I can only hope that I can get something by tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day. Hopefully a better one than the day before. Hope can get you far and hope can get you to persevere in even the most bleak situations.

And the love of my family. I couldn't do much without that, no matter how little I show it.


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