Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hmm, Thinking About Reorganizing... Again.

Currently the only coupons I am actively clipping are the ones I print out. Since those, generally, expire a month after you print them, I'm thinking: Why not just organize the entire binder by expiration date on top of the sections?

I'm in need of a new binder anyway. The two inch isn't enough any longer. I could also use some new coupon holders, maybe even different sizes! (I only use three right now: Business card, baseball card, and full page size.)

I no longer clip the Sunday paper inserts since I hand-write every coupon in a notebook--I remember them so much better that way!--and just put the inserts up as a whole and clip them as I need them. Typing them out just doesn't do it for me but if I write down what the coupon is for, how much, then the expiration date, I can manage to remember them even if there are several hundred!

Plus, I can just take the notebook in and do a scouting mission to figure out what all to get beforehand. It really helps when going through sales ads too, since I don't have to flip through a heavy binder to make sure I have a specific coupon. (They are marked by color and stars for expiration date and category, respectively.) That helps my husband out too, because it's just better if he doesn't touch my binder. ;)

Maybe when I actually get a new binder I'll do it. Until then, I so don't want to go through everything after just doing so earlier this month!


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