Saturday, January 07, 2012

Been Busy!

Sorry for the lack of posts. The holidays came up fast and we all ended up getting pretty sick. Our oldest daughter was running a fever on Christmas Eve of 102.6 and I never thought it would go down. Would have been horrible to have to rush her to the ER when she should have been waiting in bed for Santa. :(

Our little boy was running a high fever the same night and then our other daughter was the very next night. Of course, hubby had it beforehand without much of a fever and I still feel horrible. I never ran a fever myself, but as soon as it was over I caught a head cold. Sigh. The wonders of being out and about around the holidays--everyone has something and I manage to catch it!

Been busy working on rearranging my coupons so it's a lot easier for everyone besides me to figure out. Sure, I had a system but it certainly didn't make any sense to my husband! So, now we've got a color-coded system with two colors per coupon and every single coupon we have handwritten in a notebook. I'll post some photos of the binder and everything in a little bit. (Here, here, & here.)

Took me the past several days to get everything going well, but I managed to run out of printer ink today! We just got a new cartridge on the 28th of December and it's all gone already. If it weren't for the fact that we simply cannot afford to go out and buy a new printer, I wouldn't be using this inkjet. The black ink only cost $30 and didn't even last two weeks.


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