Monday, December 12, 2011

Sunday Papers...

This week is the first time that I've bought two Sunday papers for the coupons. We've finally gotten to the point that we aren't just shopping and using coupons for what we need, but what we will need and are starting to stockpile. (Must be because it's winter--I'm used to doing that!)

It's the same price to buy papers from the store as it is to have them delivered out here. So, I've just been saving either RR's or ECB's to get them free Sunday mornings when we go out shopping for the week. That also gives us all the ads to figure out what we need to get "right this minute" as well as the ability to price match at Walmart so we don't have to drive 40 miles to the closest big city with lots more shopping options.

How many papers or inserts do you get each week?


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