Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shopping Today

Got $3 EBC's at CVS twice today. Buy 7 oz. Combos for $4 for 2 and get $2 EBC back. Buy 2 64 oz. Ocean Spray juices for $5 and get $1 EBC back. Used my card and my husbands.

Walgreens was a mess. Their computers weren't ringing up the store coupons for the ad automatically (they haven't been for two weeks now) and some of the prices on stuff on the shelf was wrong. Did manage to get Infants Advil .5 oz. drops for $1.89 after a $2 off store coupon and a $1.10 manufacturers coupon. Their sale on Axe body spray is pretty good too, with the $1 RR. Used the $5 Jingle Cash from yesterday (because it started today) and got another $5 JC we get to use next weekend.

Since Walgreens had already had their Maalox gone for the BOGO sale that started today, headed over to Walmart to pick those up. Did a price match and used two manufacturers coupons of $1.50 to make them only $?1.79 for 2!

Only problem being that the woman on the register was rather rude to my husband (who had all three kids and was doing this while I was getting other stuff) because she wasn't used to doing price matches. Once she called her manager and had them explain it to her, she refused to add the coupons because "I already did this [the price match]." My husband told her if she didn't want to do it, he'd just go to another lane. Hehe. She gave up arguing after that. Thankfully, there are very few people at our Walmart that don't enjoy people that coupon. (Same thing at Walgreens! The managers are so nice even though we've had a ton of trouble at the registers lately!)

Bad thing though: The car died at Walmart. Hopefully it's just the battery and nothing major. (We need a new transmission and can't possibly afford it!) It didn't want to start later this evening either, but started up just fine a couple of minutes later. If it will only last until Friday, we'll have enough money to get a new battery!

Shouldn't have to go shopping again until this weekend, unless we happen to be out because we missed something--like potatoes, I know we need potatoes--but I am thinking about getting a phone this weekend for pretty cheap, at least compared to what my husband paid for his on sale a few months ago!


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