Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shopping Last Night

Went to CVS, Walgreens, & Walmart.

At CVS we knocked the price down from $79+ to $54, as well as a $10 gift card and $3 ECBs. (And a raincheck for what they didn't have in stock since it was the last day of their sales.) The lady did take one of our coupons without it being used and shoved it in the register though...

Walgreens had my husband's drinks on sale, so we grabbed a ton of those and sugar since it was on sale and we had coupons. They didn't have any sale water left, so they substituted a more expensive brand for sale price and refunded us the difference in cash, plus giving us $1 in cash for the RR's we should have gotten.

Our last stop was Walmart because we had to price match several things. Got a 40 count bag of trash bags that were marked at $10.47 for $5 because of Dollar General's ad. Price matched Walgreens' ad for their Duct Tape to make the packaging tape $0.99 and had a coupon for $1, which gave us $0.01 back. Printed out two coupons on Rayovac's Facebook page for a $1 off any Alkaline batteries and used those on the $0.98 Heavy Duty for a $0.02 overage.

Did have to go back to Walmart because they had diet Pepsi on sale for $2.98 per 12-pack and we were charged $3.98, which is strange because it's normally $3.48! They just rung it back up again and handed us the $3.21 back in cash.

So we went from having no money on hand to having $6 in cash without taking anything off of the card, as well as $5 Jingle Cash (JC) from Walgreens, $1 ECB left over from earlier in the week and another $3 on my account and $2 on my husbands', and a $10 CVS gift card.

Didn't get a whole lot of free stuff, as the printer ran out of ink toward the end of my printing frenzy yesterday. Still managed to get those eight free AA batteries and a pretty cool roll of packaging tape though. Saving over half while shopping is pretty good for us, all things considered. (We didn't really start doing this until earlier this year.) I just hope each week gets a little better!


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