Thursday, December 08, 2011

Have You Tried GetGlue?

Do you watch television? I sure do. Mostly cartoons, though I like documentary kind of stuff more, but the kids and hubby win by out voting me.

Well some time ago, I saw a popup for Tunerfish on my television screen. It looked cute. Unfortunately, it didn't work too well.

Then I searched the internet (via Google) and found Miso, and it was good. It was wonderful. Not too many people and I had the ability to sign up as a "super user" of sorts and add programs. It was nice to be able to edit poorly spelled additions and things like that. But...

..It just didn't run that well. There weren't a lot of badges/stickers as rewards. It saddened me that I could check-in to every show all day long and would barely have anything to show for it after a week.

Then I heard about GetGlue.

It was bigger. It had sponsors. It had something free to give to members every month--stickers.

You heard me right: The stickers that you get as achievements for watching shows are sent to you once a month, if you can manage to collect 20 every 30 days. They are awesome. They are nice. They are, most importantly, totally free.

And I just can't stop.

We even won their Picture of the Week a while back:

(With the help of our second daughter, Izy.)

Yes, I made them into magnets. They are super awesome that way. Plus, I nabbed a bunch of magnet advertisements during our county fair this summer, so I had plenty of free magnet sheets to make them with.

So, yes, a lot of my stickers are for things I get to watch when the kids are asleep, but I've also gotten cartoon stickers too! Movies, books, even exercising can get you stickers now. Just check in to a major city--since they've teamed up with FourSquare--and you can get a sticker for that one too!

I love stickers. Can you tell?


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