Thursday, December 08, 2011

CVS Tonight

Finally got the printer and internet working long enough to get the Glade coupons I posted about earlier today. Knowing our CVS, I really wanted to get out and grab that deal before they were all gone. So, we headed out.

Fortunately, they still had all their candles in stock. All the sprays were gone. The only sent they had in the oil ones was Clean Linen with a, sadly, crappy looking snowflake design. (I'm sure they don't all look like these, but the pattern was crooked.)

The sale is 2/$6.00 and if you spend $12 you get $4 ECB's back.

I knew we only had to use our Green Bag Tag (GBT) once more for another $1 ECB. So, I knew we'd only be paying $5 plus tax, but getting the $5 back in ECB's.

Long enough coupon there? I thought so, but that's pretty normal when we go to CVS.

Here's three of the four we got, as my husband promptly took the other to the bathroom when he went to take a bath:

The only thing I have to complain about at the slightest is that $5 bill we spent was all the money we have until Saturday. We have a little bit of change left, hence me counting out change for the $0.84 and using a lot of nickels. So glad that the people at the register don't mind.


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